About Us


From our historic roots in Ukraine, to our successful dominance in European markets, now making headway in North America, Honigma’s passionate journey spans more than two centuries.

A family owned business, rich in beekeeping knowledge and tradition, skillfully passed down generations is entrusted for it’s supreme quality. Honigma, derived from the German word Honig, meaning honey in German had a starting point of only 120 honey beehives to now flourishing landscapes that produce 100% pure/natural honey.

A proudly Canadian owned company, Honigma is an enigma waiting for you to indulge!


To bring a healthy & sweet revolution!

Produce and supply high quality 100% natural honey by working with experienced and ecologically responsible beekeepers with a multistage quality control system and a modern research technique.


To be a leading supplier of 100% natural honey in North America and fill the growing gap between lower production & increased consumer demand.



We take responsibility from the macro to the micro influencers in our business.
From being environmentally conscious and reducing our carbon footprint, to the end line of customers by delivering high quality products.


We are fully transparent about our process, production and supply chain to provide comfort in doing business with us. Our certifications are an attestation to our transparency.


We recognize the interdependence of all beekeepers and local workers and strive to include everyone by empowerment opportunities.


This is why we thrive, we are a team of passionate professionals.

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